Overdue Solutions, LLC

Overdue Solutions is a fresh and exciting business start-up.  We specialize in designing unique products that fill needs in unexpected ways.  We are hitting the market with three cutting-edge product lines.


Keeps Me Clean

Keeps Me Clean is a line of garments that have been designed to keep children from being able to compromise their diaper.  There are some children who dive, dip, dig or remove their diaper in order to access excrement.  Parents and caregivers of these children have been looking for solutions for this challenge for years.  This line is the "Overdue Solution" for this dilemma.  Keeps Me Clean is slated to launch later this fall with two different designs to meet a variety of needs.  Learn more about the line at www.keepsmeclean.com


Keeps Me Covered

Keeps Me Covered is a line of clothes for breastfeeding moms.  The clothes are designed to be flattering, fasionable and even offer a certain amount of modesty while nursing in public.  The fabric is even repellent, so when you get spit up on, you simply wipe it away and go about your business. No more smelling of sour milk throughout the day!  The line will start with a variety of tops, and dresses will follow shortly behind.  Learn more about the line at www.keepsmecovered.com


Keep Me Focused

Keeps Me Focused is a line of products that have been designed to help individuals that struggle maintaining focus in certain settings like school or work.  This is designed for children and adults.  More information will be released on this line shortly.  Keep an eye out for updates through the product line website, www.keepsmefocused.com


Designer and President

Selena Mack is the  president of the company and designer of the products. She is an educated and well-traveled wife and mother of two, soon to be three. Selena was inspired by the struggles in the lives of people around her, and decided to actively pursue designing and bringing these product lines to the consumer.



If you are interested in carrying any or all of these product lines, please contact Overdue Solutions, LLC directly.



Investors are welcome to contact Overdue Solutions, LLC to learn more about investment opportunities.